Saco River Recreation Council Saco River Recreation Council
Broad Based Conservation & Preservation for the Saco River Corridor

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Saco River Recreation Council Mission Statement

To promote, manage and provide education that ensures sound recreational practices to protect the Saco River Recreational Corridor.

The Saco River Recreational Council

•Protects the River
•Educates the People
•Resolves Problems arising from canoeing on the river.
•Employs river runners
•Sponsors the Maine Conservation Corp. Program

"The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart." - Tanaka Shozo
Thank you Fiddlehead campground
"In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments - there are consequences." -- R. G. Ingersoll

 photo 44f36600-fcd1-4b80-953b-d1c8aea6c650_zpsd1a6c34b.jpg The Council Employs summer workers to maintain the beauty of the recreational sites by removing fallen trees and other hazards, maintaining informational signs and improving canoeing access areas along the river.

River runners perform an essential service for the Council. They educate people on safe canoeing and camping practices, work with landowners so they can peacefully co-exist with canoeists enjoying the river, maintain educational bulletin boards and assist in litter collection.

The Maine Conservation Corps, a state sponsored youth program, also provide funds and workers to assist the SRRC in its conservation tasks.

Each year thousand of new canoeists take to Maine waterways. The council works to insure that the natural beauty and recreational opportunities presented by the Saco River can be preserved and shared by all.
Keep our river clean
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"A canoe can be many things. My canoe is a time machine. It removes me from the maelstrom of contemporary urban life and takes me far away to another time, another world". Doreen Dixon, from the book: Serenity of Soul

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